Copyright Infringement Notice

If you believe that any content posted on the Kampung Designer website violates copyright, you can provide us with a notice including all relevant information.

Copyright Notification Guidelines

Kampung Designer respects the copyrights of third parties as well as original content owners, it is our obligation to respond to all copyright notices as stipulated by applicable regulations. Upon receipt of notice that complies with these guidelines, Kampung Designer may remove or disable access to content that is suspected and found to be infringing copyright. When taking such steps, Kampung Designer may try to contact the party who posted the content so that that party can make any statements it deems to be in accordance with applicable regulations.

Copyright infringement notices must meet the following requirements:
Contact us via email at
Include an identity in the form of a valid ID card, driver’s license, or passport
Provide the main content source as a reference for copyright infringement
Writing in free language in electronic mail with the intent and purpose of violating content
The reason is whether the content is still worth publishing in the Kampung Designer or should it be deleted forever dihapus
Important Notes Regarding Logo Content

As a note to visitors and reporters. Kampung Designer is a graphic design portal that provides logo, vector, and photo content. For logo content itself, in Kampung Designer, it provides logo content belonging to the government, state and private companies, for-profit and non-profit institutions, logos for SMEs, etc. In fact, these logos are copyright protected logos. But it should be underlined that the content of the logo itself is intentionally provided solely to make it easier for anyone who needs the logo file in vector form, not to misuse the logo, because we do not change the shape, color and meaning of the logo itself.

However, if you, the logo owner, object to publishing your logo on this portal, we will always delete it immediately for the convenience of both parties.

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